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Water Coolers
Uses Filtration method to produce and supply clean, clear drinking water.

The Quantum Water System is connected directly to the water supply. 
It is then filtered and purified inside the water cooler,
providing safe, great-tasting water without the inconveniences of a bottle.
The Benefits Are:
* No bottles to store
* No bottles to lift
* Never run out of water
* Guaranteed quality water
* Save money

Water Cooler Manuals:   * Broucher

Display Racks

help promote fresh ground coffee program with display of coffee varieties.
Many styles to choose from.

Manuals: n/a

Professional Quality Coffee Grinder

* Unique multi-stage grinding system insures the very best flavour, no matter what grind you choose.
* Extra heavy duty, high performance drive train ensures reliability and long life.
* Holds one full pound of coffee beans and keeps them fresh for days, eliminating daily handling of beans.
* Safety switch prevents grinding of beans before the coffee collector is in its proper position.
* Coffee collector holds up to 5 oz. and makes for easy delivery to a filter and funnel.

Grinder Manuals:   * Parts Manual (G1-G3)    * Parts Manual (G9)

Hot Water Machines

Fresh, hot water is always available.  Draw hot water anytime–even immediately!
Pour-Over and Automatic systems available.

Hot Water Dispenser Manuals:     *H5 Service Manual;   *H5 Parts Manual;
            *H2 Parts Manual;     *H10 Service Manual;     *H10 Parts Manual;     *OHW Parts Manual;


24 inch Cabinet15 1/2 inch Cabinet
* 24" or 15 1/2" sizes are available
*each with locking feature, and removable shelves 
(for those that use the "Flowjet" system and want to hide the water bottle)

Cabinet Manuals:   *Utility Cabinets

Water Pump Dispenser

For remote locations that do not have running water. 
Uses bottled water (jug) for automatic coffee machines.

Flojet Manual: *Installation & Maintenance Manual

Water Filtration

     High quality water is an essential ingredient in brewing a good cup of coffee or pot of tea. Municipalities normally provide safe drinking water, and are required by law to meet health standards and to document the test results. While safe to drink, this water isn't necessarily the best water with which to brew coffee or to make other beverages. Filtration and treatment can improve beverages while protecting your equipment from service problems caused by certain water conditions.

     With the use of cartridge filtration, sediment, taste & odours, and lime scale can be treated. These cartridges range in size from single application filters to large systems that will filter all of the beverage water. These can include permanent mounting brackets, pressure gauges, shut off valves for filter changes, purge valves and quick change systems. Some systems have a permanent housing with replaceable cartridges. Other system's cartridges are contained in a metal casing which is completely discarded. Cartridges combining a scale inhibitor with carbon or separate feeders using polyphosphate cartridges are commonly used. Triple action filters combine sediment filtration, carbon, and scale inhibitors in a single package. 

     Water that has a high sediment level can change the aesthetic value of the finished beverage. It also can have a detrimental effect on the performance of your equipment. Sediment can cause blockages in the strainers, flow controls and even the solenoids inside your equipment. This blockage can cause reduced accuracy in the water-to-coffee ratio that is so critical in the brewing process.

Sediment: Sediment consists of small particles suspended in the water. These particles may be rust flakes from the water pipes, sand grains, small pieces of organic matter, clay particles, or any other small particles in the water supply.

Lime scale: A common problem in beverage equipment is liming, or scaling, caused by excessive hardness or mineral content of the water. Heating the water causes lime to precipitate and form lime scale. If left untreated lime scale build-up can cause numerous problems in coffee brewing equipment. The list includes the insulating of heating elements, reduction in volume of hot water in your equipment's tank and clogging or completely closing the tubing.

Taste, odours and chlorine: Many tastes and odours in water are due to naturally occurring substances. Chlorine, on the other hand, is added as a disinfectant to control harmful bacteria. Activated carbon is the most common used to remove these elements from the water. Base materials for carbon include coal, coconut shells and wood. After being carbonized, this material is "activated" with steam under closely controlled conditions, enlarging the pore structure of the carbon, giving it a very large surface area. This press gives activated carbon its capacity to remove taste and odours. Absorption is the mechanism in which the molecules that cause taste and odours to adhere to the carbon. This happens within the pore structure of the carbon.


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