Carafe (Pot) Coffee Systems

* Holds six quarts of hot, fresh coffee
* Durable, transparent carafes
* Fast-pour lip makes serving easy
* Hot water for tea, soup or hot chocolate available
* Choose from dozens of coffee blends

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Pour-Over and Auto Carafe Units
Machines can come in 2 styles:
- Requires no plumbing - completely portable. (Manually add water); or 
Auto - Hooked up to a water source, press of a button to brew; also has hot water spout.
Holds six quarts of hot, fresh coffee;
* Durable, transparent carafes with Fast-pour lips that  makes serving easy

*Not all units are as shown, 
Models vary in dimensions, appearance, and style. Functionality remain the same.
~Examples only~

*Single Carafe Units  
Auto Units have Hot Water Pouts

*Dual Carafe Units
Auto Units have Hot Water Pouts

*Triple Carafe Units
Auto Units have Hot Water Pouts


*Quad or More Carafe Units 
Auto Units have Hot Water Pouts

*External Water Bottle Units
Auto Units

Carafe Unit Manuals:*Cleaning Instructions (All);    
* Bunn Parts Manual - CDB Brewers *Newco Service Manual - ACE Brewers
* Bunn Service Manual - CT/CW Brewers *Newco Parts Manual - AK Brewers
* Bunn Parts Manual - CWT Brewers *Newco Parts Manual - FC Brewers
* Bunn Parts Manual - VLP Brewers *Newco Parts Manual - GX Brewers
* Bunn Service Manual - VLPF Brewers *Newco Service Manual - KB 'Bottled' Brewers
* Bunn Parts Manual - VP17 Brewers *Newco Service Manual - NK Brewers
* Bunn Parts Manual - VPP Brewers  

* Data Plate Location Information 

Accessories Available for all Carafe units: more on the '
Other Misc Equipment' page

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